Gabi Veras


I know that an immigrant has to make changes and compromise in order to adapt to a new life, but sliding down from the top of the mountain on these funny shoes was the ultimate test. As I sat on the lift going up, I could not appreciate Canada’s most beautiful landscape: the Rocky Mountains. Instead, I stared down at the snow, confused and upset. After all, skiing was not part of my nature. I missed my tropical island. I wondered if all the effort to become a Canadian was in vain. But later I found out that I wasn’t alone.

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GABI VERAS left Brazil fourteen years ago to go backpacking in Europe. She liked it so much that she decided to cross the ocean and do the same in the north. She immediately fell in love with Canada and decided to call it home. She has worked as a news producer and reporter in Toronto and Calgary for OMNI Television and CBC. Now she is doing her MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University and works as a freelance journalist.

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